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PTEPL, specializes in leading edge softgel capsule technology that designs, builds, equips, and transfers technology to softgel capsule facilities worldwide. With expertise in formulation, design and manufacturing, We ensure the success of operations like yours by providing a full range of softgel products and services, from comprehensive turnkey operations to consulting to machine supply.

Precise yet efficient manufacturing processes are required to deliver the highest quality product, so trust the highly specialized skills of an experienced industry leader. Our aim is to utilize various resources to deliver state-of-the-art formulation, design and manufacturing of equipment along with unsurpassed customer service, the culmination of decades of experience and proven expertise.

To provide your company with a competitive edge, rely on our Services for ALL your softgel needs, including Turnkey Plant Design, Encapsulation Machine/Tumble Dryer Design & Fabrication, Ancillary Equipment and Spare Parts, and Consultation Services.

Our range of SoftGel line represents a new generation of Encapsulation and Tumble Dryer systems, which have built-in design flexibility and advanced features like FULL SERVO DESIGN, DUAL MEDICINE PUMP DESIGN (Patented).

Some of the salient features

Full Servo Design : Servo motors for Die Roll, Medicine Pump, Casting Drums

PRECISE LUBRICATION ROLLERs for separate inside and outside lubrication
Max. use of gelatin ribbon to allow for low "net" wastage

NEW DUAL PUMP Encapsulation Machine for HEAVY SOLIDS and SOLID+LIQUID Softgel

This flexibility in design allows us to build systems that are specific to your product needs, and it can be offered as a complete line, or as individual components. Besides these systems, we can also provide you the equipment you will need to keep your SoftGel encapsulation systems running smoothly and efficiently.

Softgel Sortners
Softgel Sortners